• Trying the Histamine Diet

    So, I may be developing a reaction to histamines in food. I’ve been reading more and more about histamine allergies and my symptoms match the descriptions exactly. The list of high-histamine foods makes up most of my current diet, alas. That may be why I’m noticing symptoms getting worse- my interest in lacto-fermentation and increasing […]

  • Signs and Portents

    So when my husband and I were scoping around the property, we spotted this plant. It’s growing around the edges and all over one of the neighbor’s yards. My husband noticed that bees and other pollinators were practically swarming around the flowers, so I snapped a photo to look it up later. This, my friends, […]

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    We finally had our first big cleanup day at the incipient Springstead Herb Farm. This is the entrance- my property is on the right, with all the giant trees. And vines. And trash. This is one of the trash piles we made after an hour of raking and digging cans and bottles out of the […]

  • Darkness

    I absolutely loathe the winter darkness. I don’t usually get off work until 6pm or later, which means it’s barely daylight when I go to work and full dark by the time I leave. In the winter, no gardening happens four days out of seven. I have to wait until the weekend to harvest, weed, […]