• Florida Pear Honey

    It’s sand pear season again! I was browsing pear recipes on Punk Domestics and found this crazy jam recipe including pears, pineapples and ginger! I don’t know where this recipe originated, but I bet if you tracked it back far enough you would find North Central Florida. This has to be the only area of […]

  • Top Five Native Plants to Attract Pollinators

    Here are my recommendations for native plants to plant for the following conditions: No supplemental irrigation needed Attracts native pollinators like bees, butterflies and wasps Either perennial or self-seeding annual Pretty 1. Beach sunflower (Helianthus debilis) This sprawling perennial will bring all the native bees to your yard. It’s also an excellent groundcover, will take […]

  • Chinese Herbs in July

    So we are halfway through the year and it’s time to check in on the herb test beds. Bai Ji (Bletilla striata) This is an effortless little plant, well-suited to part-shade and rich free-draining soil. It’s multiplying slowly in this little patch but it is multiplying. I’m looking forward to transplanting this out to the […]