• Spring is Springing

    I’m seeing signs of spring and they just can’t come fast enough for me. Even though this winter has been mild, I’m read for everything to be green again. My sweet peas are finally blooming, and I ate my first sweet pea yesterday. My larger wild plum is blooming like crazy, along with everyone else’s […]

  • Back Yard Sancocho

    Sometimes in my fiddling with recipes I stretch a dish until it breaks, too far removed from the original flavors or technique to be covered by that name any more. I thought maybe I had done that with this dish, but after doing a bit of research on sancocho (and its culinary brethren, ajiaco) I […]

  • De-Seeding Peppers

    I found a new technique to de-seed peppers in large batches! I don’t like pepper seeds. They have a terrible texture, tend to get bitter after long cooking, and are sometimes the hottest part of the pepper. If you want to take the heat down a notch or two in anything with lots of chiles, […]

  • Strawberry Loquat Compote

    We eat pancakes or waffles almost every Sunday, but I haven’t bought pancake syrup in more than 10 years. Instead we top our pancakes with homemade jam and whipped cream or butter and honey, but our favorite by far is ricotta cheese and fruit compote. Compotes are cooked fruits in thick syrup. Sometimes they’re spiced, […]