• Ube Yam Potluck

    A couple weeks back Michael Adler, of Edible Plant Project, harvested some huge ube yams and wanted to have a potluck so people could try different yam recipes together, but he needed a space with no dander-producing pets. I offered to host the event since I have a big dining room table and no pets. […]

  • Back Yard Sancocho

    Sometimes in my fiddling with recipes I stretch a dish until it breaks, too far removed from the original flavors or technique to be covered by that name any more. I thought maybe I had done that with this dish, but after doing a bit of research on sancocho (and its culinary brethren, ajiaco) I […]

  • De-Seeding Peppers

    I found a new technique to de-seed peppers in large batches! I don’t like pepper seeds. They have a terrible texture, tend to get bitter after long cooking, and are sometimes the hottest part of the pepper. If you want to take the heat down a notch or two in anything with lots of chiles, […]

  • Strawberry Loquat Compote

    We eat pancakes or waffles almost every Sunday, but I haven’t bought pancake syrup in more than 10 years. Instead we top our pancakes with homemade jam and whipped cream or butter and honey, but our favorite by far is ricotta cheese and fruit compote. Compotes are cooked fruits in thick syrup. Sometimes they’re spiced, […]

  • Florida Pear Honey

    It’s sand pear season again! I was browsing pear recipes on Punk Domestics and found this crazy jam recipe including pears, pineapples and ginger! I don’t know where this recipe originated, but I bet if you tracked it back far enough you would find North Central Florida. This has to be the only area of […]

  • Green Harissa

    Y’all, condiments are important. I never really thought about the importance of condiments until I started the low histamine diet. Now I realize that condiments actually make the food world go ’round. Condiments are often the signature flavors of cuisines, and the real test of how “deep” you go into a cuisine is the love […]

  • Low-Histamine Diet- The Plan

    So after reading for the past two days and all morning trying to get a better feel for the science, I’ve found some interesting things: Many of the foods I posted yesterday are not on other lists, or are contested for either histamine levels or histamine-releasing actions. So I compiled the ones that are on […]

  • Trying the Histamine Diet

    So, I may be developing a reaction to histamines in food. I’ve been reading more and more about histamine allergies and my symptoms match the descriptions exactly. The list of high-histamine foods makes up most of my current diet, alas. That may be why I’m noticing symptoms getting worse- my interest in lacto-fermentation and increasing […]

  • Darkness

    I absolutely loathe the winter darkness. I don’t usually get off work until 6pm or later, which means it’s barely daylight when I go to work and full dark by the time I leave. In the winter, no gardening happens four days out of seven. I have to wait until the weekend to harvest, weed, […]