The Cassava Cuttings are Alive!

I harvested last year’s cassava in December and January. I cut the good canes and put them in a basket in the greenhouse.

In late February I pulled the canes out of the greenhouse and stuck them in a bucket of rainwater to soak, and then laid them out to sprout. Two weeks later, no sprouts. I posted to the local gardening group asking for advice, and several people thought the canes might be dead since it probably got below freezing in the greenhouse. I figured they were dead and threw them in a bucket.

While I was away in mid-March, we got several inches of rain, which ended up in the bucket.

I was cleaning up around the greenhouse on Sunday and LOOK


About half the cuttings had sprouted!! Now I am soaking them on purpose with just the bottom few inches in fresh rainwater, changing the water every couple days, to try and force them to root. I have six cassava plants that I successfully started myself! I’m so excited!


Aren’t they cute?

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