Man vs. Armadillo

Well, woman against armadillo anyway.

We’ve had an armadillo on our property somewhere for about a year now. For a long time it’s been not too destructive. Now I think it’s either invited all its armadillo friends or it’s had a million armadillo babies, because my front yard now looks like a miniature bombing range.

armadillo holes

The armadillos have dug so many holes that we now can’t even mow, because the mower just sucks up dirt and gets caught in the holes. That tall grass is actually winter oats cover crop seeds that I scattered in the fall to stabilize old armadillo holes. I’m trying to live with the armadillos. In a forest, armadillos’ digging is important for turning over the soil and eating bugs. In my yard it’s just making a big mess.

armadillo holes2

I might even be willing to live and let live, but they’ve started digging in my herb beds. That cannot continue. So now my husband wants me to call a pest control company and have them trapped and removed.

So I’m looking for suggestions. How should I repair the lawn? My lawn has never been just grass- I love having all sorts of small flowering plants in there too. I just mow whatever. I can’t plant over any more lawn- according to the landlady, converting 50% of the lawn to native flower beds and a forest garden is enough. The soil’s pretty good. There’s too much foot traffic for perennial peanut (I’ve already tried). I’m actually considering tilling the whole thing and putting down sod! Any suggestions?

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