Spring is Springing

I’m seeing signs of spring and they just can’t come fast enough for me. Even though this winter has been mild, I’m read for everything to be green again.
My sweet peas are finally blooming, and I ate my first sweet pea yesterday.
My larger wild plum is blooming like crazy, along with everyone else’s wild plums in the neighborhood. The redbud trees are blooming, too.
The mustard greens are almost ready. This was my winter cover crop for the turmeric bed. I’m really looking forward to harvesting all these mustards, making a huge pot of sarson ka saag, and then planting this year’s turmeric crop.
Peach blossom! The peaches and plums are blooming like crazy too. I pruned them hard this year- I think I did it right and pruned enough. Next month it will be time to fertilize all the fruit trees with chicken manure and lay down the spring layer of hay. Hopefully this year I will ask the right questions and get hay that has not been poisoned with persistent herbicides. If I can’t find clean hay then I will rake pine needles and use pine needles instead of hay.

What signs of spring are you seeing?

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