De-Seeding Peppers

I found a new technique to de-seed peppers in large batches!

I don’t like pepper seeds. They have a terrible texture, tend to get bitter after long cooking, and are sometimes the hottest part of the pepper. If you want to take the heat down a notch or two in anything with lots of chiles, you can remove the seeds. I got a huge bag of aji dulce chiles and wanted to make sofrito, but the chiles were a teeny bit too hot and I wanted to get rid of the seeds.


So many peppers! These gorgeous peppers were grown at Forage Farm.

I cut the stem off each pepper and cut them in half.


Now take the halved peppers and put them in the food processor. Process in bursts until the flesh is finely chopped but not pureed. scrape the minced chiles into a bowl and cover with water by at least an inch.


The pepper seeds float to the top! Isn’t that great? Stir the bowl gently to get all the seeds to float.


And then you just scoop them out with a strainer! Isn’t that cool? After you’ve removed all the pepper seeds, drain the minced chiles and proceed with the recipe. I was making sofrito.

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