Winter 2016 Cassava Harvest


I had a crap cassava harvest this year. Seriously crap. No diseases or anything, but less than ten pounds of usable roots out of six plants. This bed is on the north side of the house and just doesn’t get enough sun. The soil’s good though, and it’s a very protected spot, so I’ll probably dig up the non-edible elephant ears and plant taro here.


I have learned my lesson though. The first plant I dug up, I left the roots attached to the root crown and outside for three days. Then I went out to cut the usable roots off the root crown and brought them in to cook them up and they were completely streaked with gray. The roots had already started to oxidize, and they’re no good to eat after they start to oxidize. They taste bad. So the rest of the small harvest I processed immediately. Cassava is much easier to peel when it’s freshly dug. What I couldn’t use within a couple of days I froze. In the spring I will be moving the cassava bed to the sunny front yard into a bed that I’ve been composting in place for a couple months already.

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