Yesterday I Was On TV

The farm has basically been on hold for the past few months. I haven’t lost the vision, just ran out of project money and steam for a while. Then yesterday our local ABC station called me and wanted to do a local spin piece on this article published last week. Sure! Absolutely I’ll do it. “Great”, she says, “I’ll be there in 30 minutes”. Yikes! I was filmed in the acupuncture school’s dispensary where I work and then we went to my house and did a bunch more filming in my yard.


I was pretty cranky about the timing- it’s January. Most of the annuals have been harvested and many of the perennials are dormant or ratty-looking. My forest garden looks particularly ratty in the video (the reported insisted on standing in front of the bare dormant peach tree) and the questions weren’t really what I expected but everyone who watches it seems happy with it.

You can watch the video here:

One positive outcome from the interview is a renewed sense of purpose. I am passionate about growing Chinese medicinal herbs domestically. I do think that it is possible to farm in line with my personal ethics and to make money doing it. I’m still looking for a partner/investor but I can and should keep plugging away on my own until one presents him-or-herself. So, onwards and forwards. The next two hurdles are getting the property surveyed and then getting it fenced.

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