The Monsoon Has Arrived


We have received almost 5″ of rain in the past week. The summer monsoon season has (finally) begun. The garden is growing by leaps and bounds. I swear I can almost *hear* the plants growing. This is the front forest garden from the back. Pomegranates, strawberry guava, greasy beans, duranta, plum tree, peach tree, peppers, sweet potatoes, daylilies are all visible from this angle.

summer butterfly garden

This is the front butterfly garden. This has gone from a carefully laid out garden to chaos as the natives self-seeded all over the place, especially the ironweed. This is my insectary. Visible is beach sunflower, wild white-flowered plumbago, ginkgo, ironweed, narrow-leaf ironweed, tropical milkweed, lanceleaf coreopsis. There’s much more behind this- monarda, tropical sage, black-eyed susans, echinacea, buckeye, coral honeysuckle, butterfly bush, camphorweed, a giant climbing aster, and several other things.


The “fedge”. The blueberries are still struggling because I can’t get the pH down enough. Everything else is thriving: mayhaw, elderberries, milkweed, flatwoods plums, saltbush, simpson’s stopper, sweet acacia, beautyberry. I have some experiments to plant in here this weekend.

center ff bed

This glorious tangle is the center bed in the forest garden. The center is a Fuyu persimmon. Around it are sweet potatoes, astragalus, ashwagandha, dill, black-seeded callaloo, xuan shen, and cosmos. Surrounding it you can see the trees and large shrubs- plums, peaches, pomegranates, mulberry, duranta, and feijoa.

I’ve had some real successes and real failures so far this growing season. This weekend I’ll be taking a hard look at the Chinese herbs I’m growing, I’ll write up my findings next week.

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