The Spring Garden

Keep your fingers crossed for me, ’cause this is the best spring I’ve had yet.


This is an experimental pairing that is working well so far- cucumbers and mugwort with a thick hay mulch. I actually *mowed* the mugwort in the late winter- I didn’t cut it in time and it all went to flower. Mugwort is a tough perennial so can be cut over and over, so I cut it all down to the ground, built a trellis, mulched thickly with hay, and planted cucumber seeds between the rows of mugwort. The cucumbers looks so much healthier this time. Also, the growing tips of the mugwort are covered in aphids and lady beetles… but no aphids on the cucumbers. I am also not irrigating the cucumbers.


I lost one small peach tree over the winter but my remaining two peaches and two plums are all so loaded with fruit that I am culling fruit every time I check the trees. So far the only serious pest has been leaf-footed bugs. I’ve squashed and drowned at least a dozen so far. The fruit’s ripening quickly so I think we’ll get a decent harvest this year.


 I moved a couple dozen daylilies from the east hedge to the south side of the house and they’re starting to bloom just as the amaryllis petered out.


I am always experimenting with combinations and moving plants around the yard to see what they like. This bed is south facing with decent shade under the plum tree and to the north of it. That big patch of comfrey in the upper right corner is in full sun, but it’s also planted in a hugel bed- ultra rich soil. The transplanted comfrey seedlings under the plum tree are doing well too. Soon the turmeric will be three-four feet tall and give the goji berries some much-needed afternoon shade. The eclipta is also thriving in the part shade under the plum tree and tucked up against the rotting log border.

So far this season is going well. I did start too many medicinal herb seeds that I thought I would be planted out at the farm but I’m just going to put as many of them into the ground here that I can. That means growing fewer vegetables but that’s okay too. I definitely had better success this year than ever before with direct-seeding. Now I just have to stay on top of it all!

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