I absolutely loathe the winter darkness. I don’t usually get off work until 6pm or later, which means it’s barely daylight when I go to work and full dark by the time I leave. In the winter, no gardening happens four days out of seven. I have to wait until the weekend to harvest, weed, plant, or most especially take pictures. If I make something delicious and want to share the recipe I have to take crappy fluorescent-toned photos in my dull kitchen. The gloominess of winter photos just adds to my general irritation level with winter dark in general.

So this winter I’m going to try something different. This weekend I’m going to move the dehydrator, baskets of winter squash, lingering mail, and cookbooks off my kitchen table and I’m going to set up a photo area with lights. I even have a light box! I’ve found some good tips on various food photography blogs and I’m going to give it a try. Wish me luck!

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