And Sunchoke Bounty!

The fall root vegetable harvest has definitely begun around here. The day before I started harvesting sweet potatoes, I finally got my new machete sharpened and chopped down all of the withering sunchoke plants. I needed that bed for winter vegetables! So I pulled the first plant out of the ground.


Look at all that food! So I kept going…


That is one huge bucket of sunflower tubers! I haven’t weighed them yet, but it’s at least 15 pounds out of a small bed that was interplanted with several other things. This was the cowpeas bed last year that I sheet mulched over the winter. After these plants were established they never received any supplemental irrigation or additional amendments.


After I was done raking and digging for sunflower tubers, I immediately added a bucket of compost, raked the bed back out flat, added some more wood to the edges, and planted mizuna and purple cabbage seedlings for winter. I also pulled out all the damn bermuda grass that had crept in over the summer. Today I’m following the advice of Masanobu Fukuoka and seeding clover everywhere there’s bare ground- especially in the garden paths.

So now I have an entire produce bin in my fridge full to the brim with sunchokes! What’s your favorite sunchoke recipe?

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