The Springstead Vision

food forest 2 years

Two years ago this was sand and ratty boxwood hedges.

So here’s what’s in my heart.

Imagine a forest. It’s a forest full of birds and insects and fruit and flowers. Every tree is full of powerful medicine, growing more powerful as the years go by and the soil life builds. Dotted throughout the trees are stands of plants with powerful roots, and when they’re dug up for their medicine, the rest of the plant goes back into the soil. Fallen trees are everywhere, food for the fungi that add to the soil that add to the roots that add to the bees that add to the fruits that add to the fungi… and it all feeds the medicine.

What is in my heart, my vision, is an agroforestry farm focused on medicinal trees with integrated medicinal roots, culinary fruit production for direct sales, and medicinal fungi, designed with permaculture principles. This is not a new idea.

This is a challenging vision to bring forth. The roadblocks seem overwhelming. How do I get there? Trees are a long-term investment, though I have some ideas for generating cash in the short-term. This seems like an unexplored niche- there are farms raising annual medicinal herb crops but no one seems to be farming tree crops or subtropical perennials for wholesale production. Wholesale production of medicinal herbs requires organic certification, processing equipment, and putting down roots in a big way. Time to start gathering more hard data and take this course again. More research for me. Looks like this might be a good place to start!

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