It’s Official

I have started my first business.

The Articles of Organization for SPRINGSTEAD HERBS, LLC were filed electronically on July 10, 2014, as verified by this email.

I have wanted to start an herb business for almost 20 years. In the beginning I envisioned opening an apothecary shop, but I had young children and needed rent money more than dreams. Opening a business was too risky. Now I’m following in my husband’s footsteps opening my own business while working full time, and then slowly building the business until it’s making enough money to quit my outside work. It’s low-risk and if I can be patient, I will acquire no debt.

Today I go to open a bank account, buy a domain name, and start a Poppyswap account. And I need a logo. This fall I will have my first crop of medicinal herbs for sale, luffas, homemade bitters, and tea blends. Eeeee!

Suggestions? Advice?

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