The Summer Garden

Between Friday and Sunday I finally finished planting the summer food garden.

chiles bed

Various sweet and hot chiles, non-brusseling greens which taste just like collards, comfrey, and red-veined sorrel under the plum tree.

I think the food garden is ready for the brutal summer weather. All that’s left are the sub-tropical heat-lovers and the perennial crops. Now it’s all pulling weeds and harvesting until September, when I start the seeds for the winter garden.

cassava plantation

Cassava, pigeon peas, pineapples, cardamom, and elephant ears.

Planted some new and exciting summer food plants this year: water chestnuts growing in the pond, cherry tomatoes, and jicama, which is the root of a vigorous vine. Big thanks to David from Florida Survival Gardening and Florida Food Forests Nursery for the water chestnuts. I never would have tried them in a small pond, but they seem to be thriving.

tomatoes jicama chestnuts

Trying watermelon again too, growing in pure compost with self-seeded borage all around. The screen is to keep the armadillos from digging in the compost to eat the earthworms. I planted way more than necessary- there are at least a dozen plants in this 4×8 bed- but hopefully at least one will survive to bear fruit.


And the centerpiece of the summer garden- sweet potatoes! I planted sweet potatoes and butternut squash around the persimmon tree. The butternut squash may not make it- I planted it way too late and the plants are plagued with pests- but I just keep nursing them along.
sweet potato

And last but not least, baby pomegranates! One of the smaller pomegranates is blooming and actually has started producing a few fruit. I have pinched off most of the blooms, but I would love to get a pomegranate!

baby pomegranates

Other crops planted- black-seeded cowpeas, sunchokes, aji dulce, roselle, various herbs and blackberries. Not bad for getting such a late start.

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