Meal Plan for a Busy Week


Sometimes I forget that this blog is at least partly about curating my life and recording what’s happening seasonally both in the kitchen and in the garden for my own benefit. I like posting my meal plans because it helps me stay on track, but I hope they’re inspiring to you, too.

Monday- brown stew chicken, stewed cabbage, rice & peas (leftovers from a catered work event)

Tuesday- 2 soups (black bean, chorizo, green chile and corn chowder) with cheese quesadillas

Wednesday- mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed squash, hamburgers

Thursday- stir-fry pork with rice

Friday- leftovers

Lunches- roasted butternut squash with caramelized onions and sage for me, leftover soup and hamburgers for the kids

Breakfasts- bagels for the kids, yogurt & fruit for me

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