Stuck Skink

So I went to put some ruined pots in the recycle bin and saw the back end of a large five-lined skink sticking out. Apparently it had tried to escape through the drain holes in the bottom and was too fat to fit.

stuck skink

I called out for my husband and of course the whole family came out to offer suggestions. I poured olive oil into the hole first to see if we could slip him out. When it was obvious that wasn’t going to work, my husband slipped a sharp knife between the skink and the plastic hole edge and carefully shaved away enough of the plastic to pull the skink the rest of the way through. He didn’t even nick the wildly struggling lizard.

As we all watched the fat skink haul ass into the garden, I thought about all the new fauna I’ve observed this year- armadillos, five lined skinks, broad-headed skinks, rat snakes, at least one new kind of bird I haven’t been able to identify, and a tiny metallic green native bee that I just love. I’m sure there are more that I haven’t seen. I know that as we replace more lawn with native flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, and trees, the diversity of fauna is going to keep increasing, and I love it.

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