Eat Local Challenge Week

We’re in the middle of Eat Local month and I wanted to try to step up our game a little. We usually buy our produce and odds and ends at the farmers’ market, but then we plan meals based on the seasonal produce, and buy the remaining food at whichever grocery store. For this week I wanted to see if we could plan a week’s meal based on only what my garden and the farmers’ market provided. I’m including foods that I’ve “put up” that are local, such as my home-canned marinara sauce and dried butter beans, whatever’s already in the fridge that needs to be used up like eggs and cheese, and local meat we already have in the freezer.


Saturday’s haul from the market: 1.5 lb smoked bacon ends, 1 lb lamb chorizo, 1 lb lamb and pork italian sausage, 1/2 lb spicy lamb harissa sausage, 2 small free-range chickens, marinated goat’s milk feta, chevre, 1/2 gallon of milk, strawberries, chanterelles, dino kale, russian kale, lambsquarters, fennel, romaine lettuce, beets & greens, bok choy, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, purple & orange carrots, green peppers, yellow squash, pickling cucumbers, regular cucumbers, broccolini, green beans, and blueberries. All of this cost $120.


Then my father and my husband planned a huge Mother’s Day family dinner, and severely misjudged how much fresh fruit seven people can actually eat. So now we have tremendous piles of fresh fruit to add to the list above, whipped cream, and quite a bit of cheese.


Lunches- chorizo, potato & kale soup, goat chili burritos and/or taco salad with leftover goat chili, leftover roasted veg salad, saag paneer

Crockpot goat chili and cornbread

Roasted chicken, roasted roots (beets, new potatoes, carrots), and green beans

Italian sausage, broccolini, chanterelles, risotto, roasted veg salad with marinated feta (yellow squash, fennel, cucumbers)

Masala goat chops, mashed sweet potatoes, braised bok choy

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