Berries in the Forest Garden

strawberry guava

My strawberry guava (Psidium littorale var. cattleianum) is flowering for the first time! I hope this means it likes its place in the garden because it’s less than three feet tall and absolutely covered in blossoms. I want the tree to concentrate on growing larger and taller so I’m going to remove almost all of the fruit, but I can’t bear to remove the flowers- they’re too beautiful. The first leaf buds froze in the last frost so I was a little worried, but this little tree looks incredibly healthy right now. The strawberry guava came from Edible Plant Project. Here’s what Green Deane has to say about strawberry guavas.

mysore raspberry

This is going to be a good year for raspberries. I think I’ve finally figured out the right pruning and fertilizing schedule for this Mysore raspberry to produce fruit. I don’t have any self-contained place to start a raspberry hedge or thicket so this invasive raspberry will live its life in a large pot. I will be tying it to a sturdy trellis, as it’s already five feet tall. I have a large potted semi-thornless blackberry also, but so far it hasn’t fruited.


These rabbit-eye blueberries are not doing as well. They’re in a tucked-away spot possibly not getting enough sun. They haven’t grown much in almost two years. They were one of the first food-producing plants I added to the yard. It’s possible they need more fertilizing, or that the huge ancient azalea they’re planted up against is stealing all their nutrients, but I planted rabbit-eyes because of their supposed heartiness and disease resistance. Only the largest is producing a few berries. Suggestions welcome!


Bonus predatory reptile photo! Apparently, the plethora of june beetle larvae in the forest garden has brought more than just rampaging armadillos to my yard. This is a Florida broadhead skink. A whole family of these fearsome-looking skinks have moved in under the bench on our front porch.

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