My First Mayhaw

Last Friday was the Native Plant Sale, and I found a seller with a half dozen mayhaw trees in good shape. So I bought one and planted it.


It’s 5′ tall and mine, all mine.

I was chatting with a co-worker who’s also a gardener and mentioned that I planted a mayhaw tree over the weekend. And she said “Have you ever eaten a mayhaw fruit?”

Uh, nope. Actually, I haven’t.

Does that matter? Not to me, frankly. It’s a fruit tree that’s supposed to grow well in this area, it’s disease-resistant, and it’s beautiful. That’s enough for me to want to try and grow it. Mayhaw fruit is like a tiny crabapple, the size of a large blueberry. They grow naturally in wet riverbanks, but can grow in drier areas with irrigation.

Established mayhaw with fruit from

What I didn’t know was that you need two of the darn things for cross-pollination, so I’ll be heading up to Just Fruits & Exotics soon to get one of the cultivars. It’s times like these that I’m particularly glad I have a large yard… sure I have room for another tree that spreads to 20′ when fully mature!

The only other tree I purchased at the Native Plant Sale is a pawpaw! Pawpaws are difficult to transplant and have special requirements. It’s going to take some more observation & thought before I decide where to plant it but it’s kind of a race since it needs to be transplanted before it leafs out. My husband was very amused that I paid $10 and was so damn excited about “a stick in a pot”.

So now I have these fruit trees:

10 orange & tangerine (7 varieties, I think)
2 kumquat (2 varieties)
5 pomegranates (four varieties)
3 peaches (two varieties)
1 fuyu persimmon
2 strawberry guavas
1 pineapple guava
2 plums (2 varieties)
2 wild plums
2 figs
1 mayhaw (soon to be 2!)
1 pawpaw

Whew! I think that’s probably enough for a while. No matter how much I want an avocado. And a couple bananas. And a pecan tree. Once you get started, it’s kind of hard to stop.

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