Seeds Organized, Finally

So it’s taken the better part of a week, chipping away at it at hour here and there. After several seed swaps, my own home-saved seeds, and a few online seed orders, I had seeds in boxes, envelopes, and filling a whole basket. First I made out a spreadsheet with all the information I wanted to record. The whole spreadsheet won’t fit here, but here’s part of the spreadsheet for the medicinal herbs.

Seeds Latin Growth habit
Dan Shen Salvia Miltiorrhiza herbaceous perennial
Chai hu Bupleurum falcatum herbaceous perennial
madder Rubia tinctoria herbaceous perennial vine
She gan Belamcanda chinensis lily
Mugwort artemisia vulgaris 4’x 3′ bush
She chuan Zi Cnidium monnieri looks like parsley
Huang lian Coptis chinensis needs part shade, moisture, small
Ku shen Sophora flavescens 4’x 3′ bush
ban zhi lian scutellaria barbata small but speading
huang qin scutellaria baikalensis small but speading
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 4’x 3′ bush, nightshade
huang qi astragalus membanaceus small, leguminous
Huang jing xitex negundo small tree
jie geng platycodon grandiflorus mounding perennial, purple flowers
dang shen codonopsis pilosula needs part shade, moisture, climbing
han lian cao eclipta prostrata keep contained, full sun
chuan niu xi ox knee sprawling bush
xuan shen Scrophularia ningpoensis needs moist soil

Next to organize the seed packets themselves. I’ve usually just used an old shoe box, but the seeds don’t all fit any more. Drifts of seed packets in a basket on my desk was not a long-term option. So I stole an idea I saw at the Grow Gainesville seed swap: using an expanding bill folder for organizing seed packets.

seed folder

My seed collection is now organized, portable, and fairly damp-proof. I feel so organized now!