Goat Week Meal Plan, What’s in the Basket

We had goat pool last weekend, so I have a freezer full of various cuts of goat right now. I love goat meat and it’s surprisingly versatile. Goat meat, especially well-fed and well-loved ex-milk goats, tend to have meat that’s lean and somewhat tough but without the stronger flavor of mutton. You can substitute goat for beef or lamb in any braised or slow-cooked recipe.

What’s in the Basket- Lamb chorizo, three bunches of carrots (orange, yellow, and purple), cauliflower, bok choy, 5 lb sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli

basket 021514

Monday- Goat stew with carrots, lemongrass, star anise, ginger, and garlic, steamed bok choy, rice noodles

Tuesday- Cornmeal-fried fish, cornbread, collard greens with bacon

Wednesday- Goat kebabs, rice with butter and fresh dill, tomato salad

Thursday- Chicken alfredo with broccoli

Friday- Leftovers night!

Lunches- uttapam and/or dosa, sweet potato sambhar, ham, cauliflower & cheddar stuffed multi-grain bread rolls, shrimp, carrot and herb summer rolls with peanut sauce, left over goat stew

Breakfasts- apple and cinnamon bread pudding, lamb chorizo breakfast burritos with homemade salsa verde

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