Making Seaweed Emulsion

I found an article back in the fall in Backwoods Home magazine about making your own seaweed emulsion, and decided to give it a try. My mom and my daughter were heading to the beach for the day back in September, and I asked them to bring me a big bag of seaweed. They brought me back two plastic shopping bags full of fresh green and red seaweed from the Atlantic side. I put it in a plastic food grade bucket, filled the bucket with “living” water from the fish pond, added a scoop of the the soil at the bottom of the compost bin, and sealed it up for three months.

seaweed emulsion1
A few weeks ago, the husband and I decided to open it up and see what was happening. It had been aging for three months. I pried the lid off and then jumped back a pace, expecting something like fish emulsion.
seaweed emulsion3
There was no smell at all! I don’t understand how, but there is only a slight briny smell, like ocean water. I’ve started using it at very low strength on my herbs, and adding it to my soil drenches in the spring for the fruit trees especially. If I see an improvement in the trees, I will be gathering free restaurant buckets and making much, much more seaweed emulsion!

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