Free Week Meal Plan

Even though I was physically present at the farmers’ market on Saturday, I was running back and forth so much that I didn’t get to buy any food! I did only the barest shopping last week so now the fridge is getting seriously empty. I’m still committed to using up what we have and only buying what’s absolutely necessary.

What we have:
A ton of oranges, tangelos, and grapefruits
green onions
bok choy
Dominican chiles
tons of fresh herbs in the garden

Tuesday- spaghetti with marinara
I also baked this cake using up the last sad overripe banana plus two in the freezer, and this one to use up four tangelos.
Wednesday- Hoisin Sticky Ribs and rice steamed with sausages and vegetables, using carrots instead of mushrooms, and stir-fried bok choy. I’m going to the farmers’ market downtown, hopefully I can get some strawberries.
Thursday- crockpot bbq chicken over baked sweet potatoes
Friday- open night
Saturday- quesadillas and taco salad
Sunday Breakfast- Pecan waffles and strawberries
Sunday- Anticuchos de Corazon! We have half a goat coming soon, so we have to make some room in the deep freeze. I also have an abundance of cilantro and parsley in the garden, so I’ll make double batches of chimichurri and Peruvian creamy cilantro sauce
Monday- Sauerkraut, sausage, noodles, apples
Tuesday- chili