My First Craft Fair

Not my first craft fair I have attended, obviously, but the first craft fair where I have sold things I grew myself. I had a small table at the Winter Craft Fair organized by Blue Oven Kitchens and hosted by The Jones B-Side, in their parking lot.

craft fair2

Of course I had a million ideas about how to “dress up” my loofahs- cute tag ideas, display ideas- as I was packing. There was no time to actually *do* any of them, so I just sliced the loofahs into two sizes and put them all in pretty baskets. I ran out of room on the table for the pumpkins, so I used whatever I could find to display them on.
craft fair1
Despite the lack of hipster packaging, I sold almost everything. I was surprised that the larger loofahs sold out, but almost no one bought the $1 slices. I sold all but two of the pumpkins. I made about $75, and then turned around and spent $78 on gifts from other vendors at the craft fair, including a gorgeous handmade harvesting basket. This first craft fair taught me a few things about how to package my loofahs and what people want to buy, which is wonderful since I have at least three dozen whole loofahs at various stages of drying still at the house. They won’t be ready before the end of December, so I may sell them on Poppyswap or keep them and make soap with them.

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