Mama’s Got a Brand New Gun

new gun

That’s me in a gun shop in Jacksonville, holding my early Yule present- a shiny new Savage 270.

It happened sort of suddenly… Husband and I had driven up to Jacksonville to go to a Permaculture Jax fundraiser plant sale, went to lunch, and then happened to pass a large gun store- much larger than the one in Micanopy. “Wanna stop?” says Husband. “Sure”, says I, “Why not?” The gun store clerk was friendly and knowledgeable, there were other female customers in the store buying a handgun, and when I said I wanted to hunt wild hogs the clerk didn’t even blink. Apparently they’re a popular animal for women to hunt in Florida. Thirty minutes later we walked out with a rifle box and two boxes of target ammunition. I, who have never fired a gun in my life, am the proud owner of a quite large rifle meant for killing animals.

Husband bought a handgun a few months ago, but then locked it up and sort of forgot about it. We didn’t even have any ammunition for it. Now that we have a handgun and a rifle in the house, we want the kids to learn to shoot, too. Husband went to sniper school in the Army so he will be teaching all of us. I found an open rifle range about 45 minutes away so we’re all heading out Sunday afternoon for our first rifle and pistol lessons.

I strongly believe that anyone who is willing to eat animals should be willing and able to kill their own food. I have been a meat-eater most of my life but I have never killed so much as a fish. That must change for my actions to be in line with my ethics. I don’t know if I’m going to make my goal of a pig by Yule, but I will be several steps closer to it by the end of the year.

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