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Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? I am reading 1491 right now and had a moment of moral dilemma about celebrating the holiday after learning more about the history. Hundreds of years later, Thanksgiving is our secular harvest festival, really the only harvest festival that is uniquely American. If we could let go of the whole Pilgrims/Indians false Thanksgiving story and embrace Thanksgiving as our American harvest festival I think we’d be less conflicted about the holiday and more true to our history. I am embracing this as much as possible by doing the majority of my shopping at the farmers’ market and using what’s in my garden- pumpkins, chiles, and lots of fresh herbs.

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We have a fairly new tradition in my family- each person contributes a dish to the meal. So my husband cooks at least one dish and each of my children choose and cook one dish. This year my husband and kids are making all the vegetables. My parents are eating with us this year and they’re making the potatoes, dressing, and the cherry and apple pies. I am making the pumpkin pies, spoonbread, and the turkey and gravy. Cooking large meals this way gets everyone into the kitchen to share the labor, helps my teenage kids learn to cook, and I think we all appreciate the meal much more.

Various homemade pickles, cheese, crackers (including my last jar of Spicy Pickled Quail Eggs)
Radicchio salad with olive tapenade from the Toro Bravo cookbook
Green bean casserole
Mashed sweet potatoes- parents
Braised turkey
Herb gravy with giblets
Mashed potatoes
Cornbread dressing
Sage dressing (recipe from my Grandma June)
Cheddar biscuits
Pumpkin, cherry, and apple pies

I have never posted a pumpkin pie recipe because I haven’t perfected the recipe yet. I have a kick-butt Sweet Potato Pie recipe that never fails, but you cannot substitute pumpkin for sweet potato and get the same results. Hopefully the pies I make this evening will be the final version and I can share the recipe!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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