My Tiny Greenhouse

My tiny greenhouse is up!
greenhouse2I ended up buying a kit from Lowe’s. I was quite daunted by the construction plans I purchased already, and then when I went and priced out the materials I quickly realized we would be way over budget. I wrestled with various plans for using salvaged and recycled materials but those materials take time to find and gather, and winter is coming.
greenhouse3It was actually a search for recycled greenhouse panels that led to the greenhouse kit I purchased. Even though I’ve been to Lowe’s a million times, I never actually searched “greenhouse” on their website. Apparently their greenhouse kits are sold online only and not advertised in the stores. I searched and read every review I could find for their greenhouse kits, just in case. They were all positive. So I found one in our price range and bought it.
greenhouse4Even though our original plan was for a roughly 8×6 greenhouse, this 4×6 mini-greenhouse is plenty large enough for me right now. The smaller greenhouse also allows us to eventually build a larger rain catchment system behind it. The major bonus in a small greenhouse like this is that if this placement doesn’t work or we move, we can just pick the greenhouse up and move it.
greenhouse5Despite the warnings about the difficult instructions in the greenhouse reviews, my husband and son put the kit together in about six hours with no problems.
finished greenhouseHere’s my son putting on the finishing touches, just as the sun sets. I already have seedlings moved in because of the chilly mornings and to protect them from the ravages of squirrels. Next step: shelves!

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