Fall Garden & Seeds

sophia seed proMy grand daughter is going to be a seed-starting pro by the end of this week. So far we’ve started dang shen/codonopsis, brussels sprouts, wild onions, lacinato kale, jie geng/platycodon, borage, and mugwort. The weather has been cool and rainy for the past couple of days. This weather would probably be lovely further north. Here it means that the mosquitoes are ferocious all day, not just in the morning and evening.
bed under oak

This is one area I’m glad I didn’t plant in right away. Right now there’s tough weed barrier under the mulch. Once that weed barrier is pulled up I’ll have a bed that’s about 17’x5′, with sandy soil, protected from north wind and hopefully frost, and about 6 hours of direct sun. That’s pretty close to perfect for quite a few medicinal roots! I’ll be transplanting the edible ginger, butterfly ginger, and turmeric out today and then marking out spots for the rest.
raised beds septemberThese are the raised beds. The bed on the left is now dedicated to ashwagandha until next winter. I transplanted the struggling potted ashwagandha into the bed with the thriving ashwagandha, I hope the new plants thrive now. I’ve planted some chickpeas in there, too. We pulled the tattered eggplants out of the bed on the right, soon it will be filled with our winter annual vegetables. The pile of brush there will be a third raised bed for annual vegetables as soon as I can get another compost delivery.
The plan is shaping up nicely.

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