First Foray Into Seed Saving

Over the weekend I ventured into the butterfly beds. Several plants have flowered and mostly gone to seed so I decided to cut them all back and look at what to add next. I was looking up at the ironweed towering above me, cutting off the spent flower heads, and had a moment of terror when I realized that the ground around me was liberally dusted with fluffy white ironweed seeds, and then of wonder when I picked up one tiny ironweed seed and then looked at the 10 foot tall plant next to me. The wonder of “acorn into oak tree” is a bit outside of our comprehension most of the time. We don’t grasp the real wonder of seeds until we start growing things ourselves.

seed saving1

I looked around and realized that I was looking at free plants. Free native plants. I spent the rest of the day gathering seed heads, separating seeds from chaff, and sifting the seeds with various kitchen tools with visions of towering hedges of ironweed and black-eyed susans in the neighborhood park and the empty lot across the street. With an hour’s work I had enough seeds to share with abandon.

seed saving2

I will be sharing these seeds with Grow Gainesville, and saving more seeds as the season progresses for the seed & plant swap at the Earthskills Gathering this winter.

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