Hope of Harvest

ripe blueberry

One blueberry has renewed my faith.

This evening my mom came over, and since she hadn’t been here in a month or so I walked her around the yard, showing her this new plant and that one.  The best part was her spotting the first ripe blueberry. She saw her first tomatillo plant, watched the monarch butterflies cavorting in the buddleia, and found several baby cantaloupes.

babycantaloupeWalking around with my mom, hearing her exclamations over how all the plants had grown so much, helped me see the garden anew. I sent her home with a tiny harvest- five tiny tart goji berries and one of the four precious peaches- and a promise for much more. I went inside with a renewed sense of purpose, a reinforcement that I’m heading in the right direction. The more I care for this land, the more this land gives back to us.

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