Eat Local Challenge Goals for 2013

Yesterday was the start of the Eat Local Challenge. Not only is May a month of beautiful weather here, it also has a wide range of fresh produce since the winter and early spring crops like tender greens and broccoli are at their tail end and the summer crops like okra and peppers are just starting to come in. For the Eat Local Challenge this year I’m going to try something new- tracking what local products I’m eating at each meal. I’ll post a list of what I buy each week and my menu. You can see past menus under “Weekly Meal Plans” and photos of my weekly farmers’ market haul under “What’s in the Basket?” We’ve been ‘eating local” for many years but this year I’m going to try and figure out exactly what percentage of my weekly grocery budget is buying local food.

Another goal this month is to create a recipe archive for this site. I have scores of recipes on this blog and most of them focus on local produce, but they’re hard to find. A recipe archive based on seasons will help you find dishes that use produce growing at the same time.

And then in the middle of the month I’m running the first Gainesville Food Swap!

Have you signed up yet? If you aren’t here in the Gainesville area, does your county or city have an Eat Local Challenge month?

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