Seed Starting Day!

Today is Seed Starting Day! I am armed with Fafard’s super-fine soil, seedling flats, and lots of recycled containers.


Thai Red roselle- sow in flats
Star of David Okra- sow in flats
Seminole pumpkin- sow in ground among fruit trees to sprawl
Green Nutmeg Melon- sow in ground (front bed)
Piel de Sapo Melon- sow in ground (front bed)
Florida Broadleaf mustard- sow along edge of fruit trees
Dragontongue beans- sow in ground among fruit trees, succeed with Speckled Butter Beans
Sierra Gold melon- sow in ground ( front bed)
Rosa Bianca eggplant, Everona Green tomatillo, Goldie ground cherry, Cossack Pineapple ground cherry- sow in flats

Culinary Herbs:

Wild Bergamot, Summer Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Greek Oregano, Italian parsley- sow in flats

Medicinal Herbs:

Leopard Flower- 30 days in damp sand in the fridge, then in flats
Comfrey- sow on the edge of fruit trees to crowd/shade out stupid florida betony
Madder- sow in garden (vine!)
Andrographis- Scarify, then sow in flats
Passionflower- try half 30 days in damp sand, 1/2 24 hours soaking then sowing
Codonopsis- sprawling vine, plant in the shade
Echinacea- wait a month, then sow in butterfly bed
Ashwagandha- sow in flats


Inca Jewels sunflower- direct sowing
Sensation cosmos- direct sowing

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