Yuca Harvest Fail

I was a good gardener but a bad blogger yesterday. The kids and I added about 12′ x 6′ to the front butterfly bed by sheet mulching with cardboard, fresh horse manure, mushroom compost, and a thick layer of city mulch on top. This will sit and compost happily until the spring native plant sale in April. We also sheet mulched between and around the natives I planted last fall, which are mostly doing well. I thought the ironweed was dead but it looks like it’s coming back from the roots. The only casualty seems to be the Southern River Sage and one Dotted Horsemint. I also planted the first irises in my iris bed and did a bunch of trimming and clearing in the back.

Unfortunately I got so busy I forgot all about my camera.

So instead of a January garden tour, you get pictures of my shame. My only complete garden failure so far this growing season.


I bought two thriving yuca plants from the Edible Plant Project last summer, brought them home and immediately put them in a huge tub of rich potting soil. I planted tropical sage in there, too. The plants looked good all year, put out new leaves, never looked droopy or stressed, no bugs… so after the first near-freeze near Christmas I decided to dig them up, hoping to serve fried yuca with mojo for Christmas dinner.

Yeah. It was like the sweet potato harvest all over again. Needless to say, I didn’t serve them for dinner. In fact, they’re still sitting on the potting table, waiting for me to decide what to do with them. I thought I could just replant the small tubers to get a new plant, but you actually cut the stem into sections and bury them… and of course I kept the roots and threw the plants away. I will just have to buy new plants in the spring from EPP and try again, this time planting in the ground instead of in a pot!

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