Kimchi For Everyone!

I visited Blue Oven Kitchens a few weeks ago to discuss an upcoming event at the Farmer’s Market, and found out that Blue Oven Kitchens is also available to rent for cooking classes.

That got me thinking…

I make very good “winter” kimchi with a method that no one else seems to use. My kimchi lasts much longer in the fridge without molding or getting too sour, is extremely flexible with ingredients, and I think it makes kimchi with a really superior flavor. It’s spicy and stimulating, perfect for winter, and full of healthy living probiotics and most of all, love.

I would love to teach a class this winter on how to make this kind of kimchi, starting with shopping for ingredients together at the Alachua County Farmer’s Market and ending at Blue Oven Kitchens assembling the ingredients. Each student would buy their own fresh ingredients- whatever greens and root vegetables you want in your kimchi- at the farmer’s market. All of the other ingredients and jar would be provided. The base recipe uses fish sauce, but I’ll have an alternate recipe available for vegans & vegetarians.

The registration fee would depend on how many people pre-register. I need to have 10 registrations at $30 each to make the class happen. If we get more than 10 people, the price would be $25.

There are two weekends possible: January 19th or February 23rd

Please leave a comment if you’re interested in the class and which date you’d prefer. If I get enough people to comment here, I’ll set a date and set up online payment.

Kimchi for everyone!

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