Drowning in Kumquats

Our citrus trees are all heavily loaded with fruit, but the kumquat tree is somehow the most daunting. One does not simply eat kumquats (well, you can… but your mouth goes numb after 2 or 3) and you can’t juice them, which is the best way to use up a large amount of citrus quickly. You actually have to do something with them.

So I’m already making plans…

Kumquat Marmalade using no refined sugar? Move to the front of the line.

And after I make the marmalade, of course I have to use up the marmalade

I have already made Kumquat Liqueur once, and it was fantastic. Kumquat and Thyme Liqueur? Oh yeah.

And then I’ll have to use the liqueur, of course.

And this insane cheesecake has just been added to Thanksgiving menu. I love cardamom, and the combination of cardamom and citrus is always a winner.

And if I get really daring, possibly even these kumquat caramels… flavored with szechuan pepper.

Hmmm… suddenly these kumquats seem much less daunting!

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