Zone 1- The Herb Bed

I’ve talked before about how permaculture theory divides your property into zones according to human use. Zone 1 is the area closest to people, the areas that get the most traffic. Zone 1 should include what we need/want to interact with or use on a daily basis. Since I use fresh herbs on a daily basis I knew I wanted the herb bed close to either the front door or office door and close to water for irrigation. I decided to split the butterfly/native bed and use the third closest to the house for culinary herbs. In the original plan, the herb bed was to the east of the front porch, but after longer observations of sun/shade patterns on my property, that whole area has been reserved for fruit trees. This is the corner that was heavily sheet mulched in June, and is now almost weed-free. I’m simple dumping more composted cow manure and leftover potting soil on top of the mulch to plant seeds, and digging through the mulch for the plants.

So far I’ve planted:

marjoram, parsley, and cilantro seeds
3 each sage and rosemary
2 lemongrass plants
There’s already basil and Thai basil bushes directly across the sidewalk, I’ll leave those in place but move the thyme plants to the edges of this bed. 

The sunken corner of the herb bed is reserved for the “rain garden” and soon should be planted with various irises. This is where the runoff from the driveway should be directed now, but I’m waiting for the next heavy rain to make sure it’s working before I plant anything. I can’t wait to finish the stone border. I love irises so much and I’m hoping they love this sunny spot with lots of heat and occasional flooding.

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