One of the best parts about letting go of vegetable gardening for this year is that I can let the majority of the caterpillars I am finding live without molestation. I am growing butterflies! Even the butterbeans are still chugging right along despite the caterpillar damage. And while everyone appreciates the beauty of butterflies, caterpillars are pretty cool, too.

Here are some of the caterpillars I’ve photographed so far in my yard.

Possibly underwing butterfly.

Cloudless Sulphur

Monarch on my poor potted milkweeds from the nursery.

Long-Tailed Skipper

Total mystery! Any ideas?

The 2nd crop of monarchs on the spindly milkweeds on the back patio. For some reason these milkweeds got all the caterpillars instead of the lush 3 foot wide bush in the front yard.

I can’t wait to get my butterfly garden in the ground and see what visits me next summer!

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