Reaching Beyond the Choir

A few months ago there was an inspiring twitter thread on a weekly #foodchat that I’ve been turning over in my head ever since. Someone asked “How do we reach beyond the choir?”

Most of you, my dear readers, are already in the choir. You already are interested in local food, or permaculture, or butterfly gardens. I write this blog both as a personal “This is how and why I do this” but also “This is how you can do it, too” for other people. All of this started as a way to develop my religious practice by making a deeper connection with my immediate environment in as many ways as I could, literally getting my hands into the earth. Ten years later these passionate interests are on the way to becoming my life’s work.

Last night I took another step towards reaching out to an audience outside the local food/urban gardener/sustainable agriculture “choir” but who  have a great deal of overlapping interests… the Pagan community in Florida. I’m often surprised at the lack of Pagan voices in that choir so I submitted three workshop proposals for Florida Pagan Gathering in October. I have never taught at this festival before and have no idea if my proposals will be accepted, but I have high hopes. I want to offer my experiences, ideas, and knowledge to anyone who shows up and wants to learn.

So, how did you get interested in local foods/sustainable agriculture/gardening/permaculture in the first place? Was it in a book? Was it a friend? Was it a workshop?

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