Progress on the Food Forest

After weeks of waiting all of the planets finally lined up correctly to get some more of the sheet mulching done. I was desperate to cover the bare sand and weeds left by scraping off the top 2″ of gravel and start building soil. I didn’t have much manure left so in the spirit of “no wasted resources” I went on a major weeding frenzy and then just dumped all of the weeds on top of the soil, chopped them up with loppers, and then spread out what horse manure I had left.

I once again took advantage of an excellent source of cheap labor- hungry teenage boys. A group of my sons’ friends come over on Friday nights to game and I offered to buy them pizza in exchange for some physical labor. They really got a lot done! Totally worth every penny.

This section will be able to sit and compost for the rest of the winter. I have a couple of small feijoa that I might put in now to let them establish over the winter just to get them out of the pots and put something in this bare expanse of rough mulch. Mostly I just want to leave this all alone and let the soil build so I can do the serious planting in the spring. This spot gets full sun, is warmed by the sun reflected off the white walls of the house, and is protected from cold winds by the house too.

I think this would be the perfect spot for my trial avocado guild:

1. a trio of avocado trees
2. feijoa
3. tender hibiscus and roselle
4. Not sure here- something to contrast with the hibiscus but big enough not to get smothered by the Seminole pumpkin.
5. This guild won’t have an edible root layer since avocados seem to have lots of shallow feeder roots so I don’t want to be digging anything up.
6 & 7. possibly Seminole pumpkin as a vine/groundcover, since they’re so sprawling.

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