Butterbeans Update

Look at my speckled butterbeans! I might actually get a crop from something I grew. I’ve been gardening for years but since I moved back to Florida, other than herbs and chili peppers, I’ve never ended up with enough of anything to be considered a crop.

Just three months! Pretty amazing.

Once the plants decided to start producing seed pods I decided they could take a little insect damage and I stopped hunting caterpillars. Now I am not only raising butterbeans but also skipper butterflies, which is okay by me. The leaves are chewed upon but it doesn’t seem to be affecting bean production. I love that these are right outside the front door, too. I love having the plants right outside of the front porch, too. We walk back and forth in front of this bed constantly and so weeding and pest inspection was constant and easy. I’m seriously considering keeping this as a vegetable bed at least until I can tackle the proper raised beds in the back yard.

Can you see the native bee? These little flowers attracted mobs of different pollinators.

I’ve already started harvesting the ripe butterbeans but only a few at a time. They’re so beautiful! When they’re all harvested we’ll have a great feast!

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