RoundUp Has Never Looked So Tempting

So this is one of the two raised beds that were in the yard when we moved in. I took this photo as it was starting to sprinkle outside so you can get an idea of the vibrant, healthy green of the damn bermuda and centipede grass that has swamped these beds. This one, incidentally, is the one that I cleared and sheet mulched with 2 layers of cardboard and many inches of rabbit manure and rabbit bedding. First the grass punched through the cardboard and then it just swamped the entire bed.

There is no “pulling out” this grass. It’s incredibly deep-rooted and tenacious and just crawls back from the edges. This entire corner of the yard is covered in grass. The crazy thing is that the grass has rooted through and crawled over a doubled layer of plastic landscape fabric that’s so old it tears like tissue paper when you try to pull it up. You can barely see it through the grass. The landscape fabric is completely covered by new soil and weeds now. It used to be a weed barrier around the edges of the raised beds but now it’s just a shredded mess that I don’t think will ever be able to be removed.

Seriously, weed killer has never looked so tempting but I’m considering that an absolute last resort. I’d really like to plant some vegetables in these beds this fall/winter. Obviously I have to pull up the boards from their current location, the grass just comes up underneath the edges. Would a deep tilling kill the grass? Ack! This forum says tilling will just spread it! What if I tilled multiple times? What about tilling and then sheet mulching? I know I’m going to have to install some sort of impenetrable barrier buried around the edges of the raised bed vegetable-growing area, other wise the bermuda grass is just going to creep back from the neighbor’s yard where it’s growing happily.

Suggestions are extremely welcome here, and I am not afraid of radical action! How have you gotten rid of bermuda or any other creeping weeds?

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