What We’re Eating This Week & New Diet

My husband and I started a new diet today. It’s mostly based on the “primal” diet with some Nourishing Traditions thrown in there. We eat really good food but we’re both slowly gaining weight and have a couple other lingering health issues. I truly believe that we are what we eat- our diets should be our first “medicine”. So we’re trying this new way of eating as an experiment for a month. At the end of the month we’ll see how we both feel and go from there. I will be writing about our weekly meal plans here again since it really does help me form the plan and stick to it.

This might be enough produce for a week?

We went camping over the weekend so it was Ward’s for the grocery shopping yesterday. I know this looks like a lot of produce but when you’re eating vegetables for the bulk of your diet it gets pretty… bulky. I hope this is enough food. If we can stick to the meal plan we’ll eat every bit. And this is only the fresh produce! I also bought a few first-time foods- coconut oil and goat’s milk yogurt.

Tuesday- Salmon with Spinach and Creme Fraiche (escarole instead of spinach), sweet potato puree
Wednesday- Roasted Chicken, rosemary-honey carrots, cauliflower & celery root puree
Thursday- Shrimp Stir-fry with Peppers, Green Onions and Snow Peas
Friday- Dinner out!

Lunches- Jim gets big salads with leftover sliced pork Tues- Thurs. I baked that big squash there on the table tonight and made several days’ worth of Curry Sweet Potato Soup with squash and leftover cooked sweet potato. Kids- BLTs and fresh fruit. Everyone gets Florida Crunch Salad on Friday to use up Wednesday’s leftover chicken.

Breakfasts- I’m eating fresh fruit and banana & yogurt smoothies. Jim’s breakfasts are hard-boiled eggs or tuna salad and an apple or pear.

I’m already gathering recipes for next week’s menu. Jim and I are going to take turns making lunches each week, I can’t wait to find out what he picks!

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