Weeding with the Butterflies

I never could have anticipated just how deeply satisfying weeding is. It can be a time for deep thoughts, or you can go brainless and just let the repetitive motion lull you into peace.  It’s immediately rewarding, unlike waiting for seeds to germinate or trees to grow. No matter how awful my week has been, I always feel better after weeding. Getting down in the dirt, among the roots and the bugs, is also incredibly important as a time to observe, to really deeply see what’s happening.

I spend hours every weekend weeding, and at least a few minutes each day just walking around pulling weeds in random spots. I try and fill one of the buckets with weeds every weekend, which takes about 2 hours and gives me a finite stopping point. My #1 nemesis is nut sedge, but the close runners up are Florida betony and Phyllanthus tenellus, sometimes called chamberbitter or leafflower.  One morning every couple of weeks is devoted exclusively to weeding the rose bed. Even though I emerge covered in scratches, filthy, and sweaty, seeing that bucket of weeds puts a smile on my face every time. Weeding the rose bed is also an excellent time to watch butterflies all over the yard. After a while they just ignore me and go about their business.

Forget sitting in a quiet room for meditating. Forget meditating with your eyes closed or focused on a flame. Try weeding instead.

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