A Hard Talk with Myself

I am finally feeling nearly like my normal self again and ready to make up for lost time in the garden.

Implementing the garden plan is taking longer than I ever imagined. I knew in my head that this was a major project and it was going to take a full year, but it’s been three months and I wanted to be further along than we are. I thought the trees and paths would be in by now and I could start planting the bushes and perennial herbs in the fall, and instead we’re still working on sheet mulching and clearing out the old plants.

It’s so hard not to buy plants. I want to buy plants! I want to buy trees and herbs and when I see plant lists like this I just get a little nuts. This is why I have dozens of plants sitting in the back yard, pot-bound and under-watered, that I bought months before I had any place ready to put them. I walked all the way around the house this evening and had a hard talk with myself.

I have to stop buying plants before I can put them in the ground.
I have to stop spending money on plants when I should be spending it on mulch & labor.
I need professional help to do some of this work.

First we have to wipe the slate clean. We have to clear out the gravel beds, move the huge boulders and the coquina piles, add the manure and soil amendments, build the compost bins, and finish the sheet mulching. The new goal is to have this done by the end of August. Then in September I can start buying plants again!

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