Wildflowers in El Paso

We are halfway through our Western adventure and having a great time. El Paso is not fun to drive around in, but the company makes it all worthwhile. We’ve been here 3 days and we just figured out how to get back our hotel from my step-daughter’s house! The environment here feel absolutely alien. Some areas look like the surface of the moon, absolutely stark. Not being able to identify any of the plants here is more jarring than I expected. It’s all completely unfamiliar.


Yesterday was our trip to the El Paso zoo, and I was thrilled to see that most of the zoo is planted with native Texas plants, and many of the plants had tags. I took more photos of the wildflowers than I did of the animals! I’ve been googling and calling every nursey in El Paso, but none of them have native plants or seeds that I can find.

Today Jim and I headed up into the mountains to go hiking. We both like hiking and wanted to get out and get some great photographs, but we were unprepared for the steep trail and the effects of the altitude. We finally made it up to the summit of the trail- a huge cave complete with pre-Columbian cave paintings. The view from the mouth of the cave was worth the hike.

I have many, many more photos but the internet commection here is just not up for bulk uploads. Tomorrow- New Mexico!

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