Non-Hipster Massaged Kale Salad

I am extremely late to the “massaged kale” bandwagon, in fact I almost missed it entirely. There was a whole slew of “massaged kale salad” recipes on Tastespotting late last year. I wrote the whole dish off as “trendy hipster food” and didn’t think any more about it… until I saw this recipe. Her description won me over. “I have friends who have tried this salad and gone from kale haters to kale lovers.” Seriously? This I have to try. I bought a bunch of lacinato kale and a bunch of French sorrel at the next farmer’s market.

And oh she was not exaggerating. This salad is ridiculously delicious! Plus there’s the super-healthy “I’m eating raw kale” aspect, which makes this salad even better. Delicious and healthy aren’t hipster reasons, are they? As usual, I took the basic idea of the salad and changed it all around for what I had in my fridge at the time and what sounded good. Feel free to do the same with yours.

Non-Hipster Massaged Kale Salad

1 large bunch lacinato kale
1 large bunch French sorrel (or other sturdy greens)
juice of one lemon
3 tbl good olive oil
1 tbl white balsamic vinegar
A few stems of fresh thyme and oregano, stripped
A handful of nicoise olives, pitted and sliced
A small chunk of feta cheese, crumbled
salt & pepper

Make this salad the night before you plan on eating it. Rinse the kale and sorrel very well and dry on a kitchen towel. Carefully rip the sides of the kale leaves off the thick stems. Then lay the leaves in a stack, roll them up, and slice them as thinly as possible. Then do the same with the sorrel.

Put the greens in a bowl and add the lemon juice through oregano. Work the dressing into the sliced greens with your fingers, really working in until all of the leaf surfaces look “moist”. Add the olives and feta cheese and a few cracks of pepper, but no salt. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Taste for salt before serving and adjust then. My olives provided enough salt, I didn’t need to add any at all. I ate this entire recipe in one lunch!

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