I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Saturday the landlady approved the garden plan! She was impressed with the plan and agreed that it’s going to be beautiful when it’s all in place. She even suggested adding olive trees if possible.

I went a little crazy at the farmer’s market and bought 2 flatwoods plum bushes, 2 cassia splendida trees, and a FloraKing peach!

Since we were all home Sunday, we jumped right in. I had a couple of goals: moving all of the heritage roses out of the front bed into the one along the driveway, and finishing the sheet mulching.

Moving the roses sounded easy… until I started pulling weeds. I quickly realized the weeds and grass were rooted into the weed barrier fabric and the only way to remove the weeds was to pull up the weed barrier. This part was deeply satisfying. I hate weed barrier and it felt really good to pull it up with my daughter and 2 of her friends helping. We removed handful after handful of Florida betony roots, too. Then the girls painstakingly dug up the daylily border and placed the plants in buckets of water, weeding out the grass and sedge as they went. By this time my husband and the boys had joined us and the work started going much more quickly.

It took 4 hours, but we moved all 8 roses to the long bed among the existing rose bushes, making a solid rose hedge. I also planted the two Cassia splendida trees among the roses so they can eventually grow up and shade the driveway. The 2 large Duranta bushes were dug out and moved, too. Alex even finished the sheet mulching!

2 days later and the transplants are looking rough. We’re watering them every day and hoping for the best.

We were so hot and sunburned that when the thunderstorm hit at 2pm, we just stood outside and enjoyed the warm rain. This Sunday we’ll finish the weeding in this bed and plant all the bushes!

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